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GIVEAWAY: Win a Cute Coral One Shoulder Chevron Dress!

Hey Lovelies, I love a good chevron print for spring! I picked up this cute one-shoulder chevon print dress for spring in a pretty bright coral! Today I'm going to give you the chance to win this dress for yourself! (Fits a size 4-8 US)

ENTER TO WIN this cute Chevron Print Dress at the bottom of this post, in the Rafflecopter form!


ENTER TO WIN this Dress for yourself! 
(Fits size 4-8 US)


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Save up to 50% OFF Gorgeous Date-Night Jewelry: 2 Days Only!

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Dressing up for date night can be so much fun, but you’ll smile even bigger knowing what a good deal you got on your fabulous accessories from Stella & Dot

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Happy Shopping!

3 SuperFoods You Absolutely Should Not Go Another Day Without: Sari Vitamin C, Nutritional Yeast, and Spirulina SuperFoods Review

Good Health has really become extra important to me over the last few years, and you can bet super foods have caught my eye as of late, and I've totally jumped on board with getting the most I can out of my food!

In the last year I've started juicing to really get the max nutrients, vitamins, and fiber out of my vegetables, and being a vegetarian I often do green smoothies where I really go crazy with adding lots of wonderful Superfoods to get more protein, and of course more vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats, and more!

When I recently came across the Sari 100% Organic Spirulina powder, Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries, and the Nutritional yeast flakes, I was beyond thrilled to try them out in my morning smoothies and juices, and some of my favorite meals!

The amazing thing about these super foods from Sari, is that they can go in just about anything! You can even drink the vitamin C with a glass of water (or some coconut water if you like a sweeter drink). I found that because they go in everything, I had no problem getting my super foods in every single day!

I tried the Spirulina and Vitamin C in my juices and my smoothies, and put the nutritional yeast on a ton of my dinners this last week.

We all know vitamin C is important, so its no guess as to why the Vitamin C powder from Sari will really do you some good. Boosted immune system anyone? I usually ended up drinking mine just with water and I actually really liked the taste. Just add a teaspoon of the powder to 4 oz of water, and drink!

If you add the vitamin C to smoothies or juices, you won't even taste it. It's easy to do if you're on the go and want to get the max benefit out of your juice or smoothie.

The nutritional yeast tastes like cheese but it 100% vegan. This is a fabulous product for vegetarians and vegans out there, or anyone who would rather get the yummy cheesy taste without all the added fat!

I was super exited about this as I try to eat vegan but cheese is my one down fall. And then I feel bloated and gassy after eating it! Yuck! I loved that there is an alternative that will give you that cheesy flavor without the cons of actually eating the stuff. It is gluten free, dairy free, kosher, and has no MSG. It is also non-synthetic and non-GMO too. It is comprised of 100% Whole foods and naturally occurring!

When eating the Nutritional Yeast from Sari foods, You're not just adding yummy flavor to your foods, but you're getting a TON of nutritional benefits out of it, hence the name- Nutritional yeast! It is comprised of 50% protein, so it is a WONDERFUL choice for fellow vegetarians like me looking to add extra protein to their diet. It also has 20% fiber, contains all 18 amino acids, and a whopping 15 nutrients! You will also find vitamin B, which is great for vegetarians and vegans or those who don't eat a lot of meat in their diet. It is also known to enhance your immune system too!

What you may be surprised to hear, is that it will also help you with the aging process! What?! Say no more! That sold me right away!  Yep, that's right, it actually promotes cellular repair and will help your skin fight off the free radicals that enhances aging.

This product is also great for weight loss, people!! It will curb the appetite and help you shed those extra pounds! It has been shown to increase energy too!

This product is not only good for your skin, your health, and your body, but it's also good for your brain too! The use of this product has been shown to increase memory and clarity, and will help eliminate the dreaded brain fog too! It will also make you feel good too! You can expect a better overall sense of well-being and mood when eating this product regularly.

The list goes on and on for just how healthy and amazing this product is for you. It also promotes healthy sleep, and will help balance hormones, and reduce feelings of irritability.  Not only that, but eating it regularly will help reduce the risk of some cancers, stroke, and even heart disease! (Heart disease is still the #1 killer of American women.)

Wow, wow, WOW! Right?! These benefits are amazing, and I can't believe how many you can get from just one product! If you haven't already visited and started ordering from Sari Foods after reading the first few paragraphs of that, well, you darn well should be! The benefits of this product is truly amazing and now you can see why I've found an excuse to throw it on nearly everything, right!?

Well you may be wondering about the taste. Here I've shown you how I put it on some of my homemade vegetarian chili with a little bit of sour cream. Once you mix it in and start eating, you will taste that cheesy flavor alright. I think its actually really yummy. Just don't expect it to actually be cheese or you will be disappointed. But on that note, my cheese, meat-loving husband gave it a try as he was super curious when I first opened it up and dumped in on my chili, that he stuck his wet finger in the bag and then into his mouth to taste it. I was waiting for a horrible reaction as he nearly fights me on anything healthy I eat (however I do have him drinking green smoothies nearly every morning now) and anyway, his eyes widened, and he says "Wow, that is actually really good!" Seriously?!?! I was shocked to hear those words escape his mouth about anything that isn't sweet, super fattening, or incredibly salty.  I then did the same thing at that point because that had me incredibly curious and sure enough, even just plain, it is really good! It tastes a bit sweet, a bit salty, a bit nutty, and a bit cheesy, all rolled into one, if you can imagine that.

Well lastly, but certainly not least, was the Spirulina. I had never heard of this superfood before so I had to do a bit of reading up on it. It is super green. It will turn anything you add to it green. I found that it is a bit strong for my juices, so I drink this by adding a teaspoon to my green smoothie. It will thicken it up some but the taste is not so noticeable this way either.

Spirulina I read, is a great source of Omega 6 healthy fats. I loved hearing this as I try hard to get extra omegas in my diet daily since I do not eat fish or take fish oil. In fact, Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food known to man! It is the ultimate multi-vitamin! In fact you probably won't even need your daily vitamin if you start drinking this regularly! You can expect more than 60% protein in this product (yet ANOTHER great superfood for vegetarians, vegans, and those who don't eat a lot of meat). It has over 100 type of vitamins and nutrients. Yep, that is no typo, over 100!! This is more than you will find any other plant, herb, or grain on the planet!

This is also another wonderful superfood that will strengthen your immune system. Anyone over that nasty cough going around lately? Yep, time to start taking your daily Sari Superfoods!

It will provide protection from colds, flus, and other horrible sickness, including even cancer! It fights aging and free radicals just like the nutritional yeast flakes and will promote cell regeneration as well, giving you younger looking, feeling skin.

It also promotes eye health as well, even skin conditions such as eczema. Have high blood pressure or high cholesterol? This will help with that too! It will also improve your digestion and increase your energy and metabolism, again helping with weight loss! It may even reduce allergies and arthritis, as it is great at removing toxins from the body. Anyone else ready to ditch the monthly detoxing juice cleanse now?

Seriously you guys, I can go on and on about how great and wonderful these superfroods from Sari really are, and now that you know how easy it is to improve your health, mental focus, mood, weight, and so, so much more, how have you not purchased this yet? Keeping good health could not be any easier! These products mix well with almost anything too, so you don't have to worry about gulping down some gross drink, because I've been there with vitamin drinks and its no fun! I understand! I mean seriously, if I can get my husband to eat these superfoods from Sari, and he HAS, DAILY! Then there is no excuse for you to not give it a try!

These products are so incredibly great for you, so easy to take, and won't induce the gag factor, so why not give it a try?! You owe at least that much to yourself right?!

Ok, I thought so! So here is the link! Go visit right now and start increasing your overall health today! EASILY! You can also purchase their superfoods on AMAZON too! 

What super foods are you obsessed with? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!  xo xo 

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Happy Healthy Days Ahead!

* I was given this product from Sari Foods and for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

GIVEAWAY: WIN the Ultimate Smokey Eye Brush Kit!

Hey lovelies, do you struggle getting the perfect smokey eye? Well I have the perfect solution for you! The Esum Cosmetis Smokey Eye brush kit will give you the 5 makeup brushes you need to achieve the perfect smokey eye! This smokey eye kit retails for $150! 

Right now, one of you is going to WIN this lovely smokey eye brush kit (a $150 Value!)!

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GOOD LUCK lovelies! xo xo

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GIVEAWAY: Win a HUGE Nail Polish Kit Prize Package!

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Gel Nail Polish Kit includes everything you need for a salon-quality gel nail polish manicure at home ($99 ARV):

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Amazing Photo Collage Software for Bloggers and Online Scrapbookers: Mac Picture Collage Maker Review

Do you blog, or maybe you are into digital scrapbooking? Either way, you know how important it is finding awesome software that can help you put photo collages together easily, efficiently, quickly, and will also look amazing and convey the message you're trying to send!

In the last few years, I only started watermarking some of my photos and have tried several different sites and software and haven't really been all that pleased. I was so thrilled when I came across Picture Collage Maker for Mac. Not only does it help me get collage photos done quickly and easily for my blog, but it also works great with my Mac, which as many mac users know, can be a real  challenge at times!

The Picture Collage Maker for Mac is one of the easiest software programs I've ever used (for collage-making as well as anything else!) It only takes a few minutes to download, move the download to the applications folder, open, and presto! Ready to go! A video tutorial also pops up first thing to show you how to maneuver the collage-making software, to get started making your photo collages right away!

 I only briefly watched the how-to video, but found the software is so incredibly user-friendly, everything was already pretty self explanatory. It took me a whole 3-4 minutes to put together my first collage with text, and that was with hardly any knowledge of the software.

Since then, I've been loving and using this awesome collage maker for every thing on my blog lately! I've been in the middle of hosting a ton of giveaways, so I was thrilled to see I could use this software  to very easily and very quickly set up a giveaway poster. 

Here are some of my recent collages I made with my Picture Collage Maker in a matter of minutes! 

As you can see, you can get lots of different great styles and pretty backgrounds, prints, etc. I also really loved that the collage maker comes with tons of different beautiful layouts and in fun sizes and collages like post cards, calendars, greeting cards, and more. You can also choose a blank background template and start from scratch if you'd rather completely customize your look.

If you're big into digital scrapbooking, you will really love this software. They already have hundreds of beautiful layouts for romance, baby, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, yearbooks, and more! You can even make CD covers with this awesome software! You can already choose some great completely set up scrapbooking pages and photo books, making it incredibly easy to do all of your scrapbooking with this super handy collage maker.

You can also save your favorites to a folder making it super easy to keep going back to the templates you love the most!

Once you've chosen your template, the rest is cake! You can simply drag your photos over to the collage, and go from there! It's easy and quick to move around photos, crop them, add text, change font sizes and format, change color, backgrounds, and anything else your little heart desires! You can also use multiple pages in the same window to work on several projects at once!

I've loved using this software so much, I also completely redesigned my blog cover photo by using this incredible software. I added a new favorite recent picture, added a cute printed background from the software, and added my text. Took me two seconds but really added a lot to the look of my blog! I changed it all across all of my social media too I liked it so much!

Here is my new Cover photo for my blog:

This software couldn't be any simpler to use, and it's really great for getting fabulous beautiful and creative collages. I love that it really saves me a bunch of time and hassle for updating pictures on my blog.

I'm completely loving this software and I know you will be too! If you're a mac user and you blog or love online scrapbooking, you really should do yourself a favor and check out this amazing photo  collage software! It is TRULY wonderful!

If you would like to learn more bout the Picture Collage Maker for Mac or download it today, be sure to check them out at
Ref code: pm19de10adbaa1b2ee13f77f679fa1483a

Happy Collaging!

What has been your experience with photo collage software? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you! xo xo 

* I was given this product for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

Secret Word of the Day - Nail Polish Starter Kit GIVEAWAY

SUNDAY ~ Mardi Gras

MONDAY ~ High Maintenance

TUESDAY ~ Lavender Lace

WEDNESDAY ~ Teal The Show


FRIDAY ~ London’s Fog

SATURDAY ~ Vintage Denim