Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion Friday $14 Watches

This week for Fashion Friday pick up some amazing watch styles for $14.95 & FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code TIME. Shop Them Here at Cents of Style: Fashion Friday- 4/25/14- Women's Watches $14.95 & FREE SHIPPING with Code TIME

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Update Your Home for Spring AND get the Best Nights Sleep Ever: Bedding Sets

This time of year has always got me thinking about updating some of my home decor. Something about spring cleaning around the house that gets me ready for an updated look.

While refurnishing a room, or doing a complete re-design is a bit too expensive for most of us, there are super easy and inexpensive ways to make a big change in your home.

Why not start with your sanctuary? There is something about updating the look of my bedroom that seems to bring me a zen I don't get from updating any other room in my house. My Bedroom is MY room and I want it to be peaceful, serene, and well, my happy place.

While a brand new bed or a new bedroom furniture set would be absolutely amazing, I would rather make a big change by updating my bedding. I love brand new bedding, it gives the room a completely new look and feel, and since we spend a third of our lives in our bed, why not get some amazing super chic and comfortable bedding that will help us bring a wonderful night sleep as well.

I was shopping the bedding selection at and was absolutely amazed with the gorgeous sets I found there, and the price was absolutely idela for a luxurious set that will be sure to bring you a restful, comfortable night's sleep.

Most sets are 4-5 piece, and come with the comforter, bed skirt, pillow shams, and sheets. Some also come with extra throw pillows. I was amazed at how luxurious some of these bedding sets are and with up to 70% off of retail pricing on select bedding sets, you absolutely can't go wrong!

What also blew me away with the bedding sets at Tidebuy, are some of the fabulous 3D prints! Check out these floral prints below! Absolutely amazing! I would just want to sit there and stare at it!

These bedding sets are also made with the finest materials and high thread count sheets, so you are going to get the maximum in comfort when you buy from TideBuy!

You can also find pillows. throw pillows, travel pillows, sheets, quilts, blankets, and throws! TideBuy has absolutely everything you need to update your bed, and give you an amazing night sleep!

You can also find bedding sets for the kids room too. TideBuy bedroom sets come in all different sizes, and choose form their luxury collection if you're looking for the absolutely softest, peaceful, most luxurious sleep ever!

Be sure to check out the bedding collection today at

Happy Sleeping!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Ultimate Hair Extension Destination: TideBuy

It's finally that time of year where we can let our hair down, literally, remove the warm winter hats, and finally get that perfect summer hair!

I know this time of year has always got me thinking extensions. I'm sick of my hair being tucked away all winter long, and I just want to finally let it flow!

Winter can do a number on our hair, so we should probably all be doing something to bring back some life to it. One of these easiest ways to do this is by adding some extensions!

Lately I've been writing a lot about hair and extensions because its certainly been on my mind. Extensions is one of the funnest and easiest ways to update your look for warmer weather. Besides, who doesn't want extra long, thick hair for summer?!

Extensions have come a long way in the recent years, and a lot of us probably still have the misconception that you need to go to the salon to get them, but not anymore! There are so many great extensions available these days, that you can easily put them on yourself, in a matter of minutes, and they will stay in all day and night!

There are several types to choose from, including Clip in, weaves, micro loop, and U tips. All are super easy to apply right in your bathroom, with no extra help from anyone else!

The extensions that your can find on the market today are absolutely remarkable as well. You can choose between synthetic or human hair. Human hair is obviously much better quality although you will pay a bit more for it. Extensions can also last up to a year with regular use, as long as you can take care of them, by washing, brushing regularly, storing properly, and taking care when using heated tools on them.

You may be surprised to know that when buying human hair extensions, you can dye it, blow dry it, use styling product on it, wash it, even use your flat iron or curling iron on it! has an amazing selection of human hair or synthetic hair extensions. You can also find really great wigs there too if you're looking to change up your look drastically for the day! You can find all kinds of clip in extensions, u tip, weaves, and loop extensions here in all textures, sizes and colors! 

Tidebuy also offers Remy hair extensions (which is the best human hair on the market!) Hair extensions can be expensive depending on where you shop, but I'm absolutely amazed with Tidebuy's prices! You can get high quality remy human hair extensions in nearly every price range!

Here are some of my favorite hair extensions from TideBuy:

There are pages and pages to choose from, so you can find exactly what you're looking for in the texture, length, and color that will fit you best!

Be sure to shop today for all your hair extension needs! Also check out all their fabulous fashion, special occasion dresses, accessories, shoes, bags, beauty products, bedding, and more!

Happy Hair Days!

*This is a sponsored blog post by Tidebuy. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share posts with readers I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.

Rimmel London Makeup Giveaway

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Three Ways to Capture and Enjoy Art

Art is an important part of life and art can be many things to many people. Some people find the art of designing a computer program to be beautiful and fulfilling; others find that same beauty in watercolor, chalk, or pencil-medium-based design. No matter your taste in art, you must have inspiration for your design. Many artists have the help of a muse to inspire their artwork. A muse is something or someone who inspires creativity. You use a muse to help with your creative artwork, like the artists at Mimi's Muses and other creative art websites. Art is beneficial in many ways. Read on to learn more about the benefits of art.


For many people engaged in the creation of art, it is a form of therapy. The theory behind this concept lies in the idea that individuals who use art for self-expression learn that they are able to problem solve and be creative in the ways in which they deal with issues in life. The self-expression brought about in all forms of art is cathartic for most people. In addition to cultivating self-expression, art also boosts a person's self-esteem.


There is so much in the world that holds beauty. Unfortunately, much of the beauty that you can find in the world can be fleeting. Think about the tulips that bloom each spring and then fade at the first hint of summer, or the snow-capped mountains that grace the scenery during winter's chill. Art gives you the opportunity to capture the beauty that is all around you and keep it in your home during any time of the year.


The beauty of the world is not defined solely by nature. Beauty can be found almost anywhere. You can also find beauty in the world of abstract art. If you like abstract art, you can enjoy many different types of abstract art at galleries, online at places such as Mimi's Muses or many other Internet websites devoted to art of every shape and size. So, no matter your inspiration, make sure art graces your life.

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My Fashion Must Haves From Persunmall

Prints, Prints, and more Prints, and why not throw in some black and white! That's what I'm looking to add to my wardrobe this spring! That and of course some beautiful brightly colored shoes, because what better way to add a pop of color to that black and white outfit, then by adding a colorful, bright, happy shoe!

Here are some of my favorites from Persunmall, but be sure to shop them today to find and purchase your spring favorites at an absolute bargain!

Happy Shopping!