Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mia Mariu Mineral Makeup Review + GIVEAWAY

I've been a big fan of Mia Mariu every since I first tried some of their amazing skin care products a few years back, as well as some of their lovely scented perfume (see my review on the the Magia perfume by Mia Mariu here).

Mia Mariu carries a full line of health and beauty products made from high quality botanical ingredients. Mia Mariu believes that health and beauty go hand in hand, so they strive to make the best products possible to give women healthy, innovative, and effective skincare and cosmetics that will really illuminate every woman's beauty from the inside out. Mia Mariu offers their customer beauty, balance and harmony.

I was thrilled to try out the Mia Mariu mineral cosmetics line. I've loved using their skincare so much, I knew that I would become a big fan of their cosmetics as well. I also have really loved using mineral cosmetics as I feel they give skin a more natural coverage, as well as seems to be healthier for my skin.

The Mia Mariu mineral cosmetics are made using Vitamins A, C, and E, to provide natural protection from the sun and environment. You also won't find any talc, oil, parabens, or fragrances in these fine cosmetics. This line is also suitable for all skin types! 

When my Mia Mariu products arrived, I was so excited. I got to try out their mineral blush in Maria Bonita, the Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Noche de Amor, black intense eyeliner, volumizing mascara and the Beso Hydrating lip gloss.

I applied my base as usual then pulled out my blush brush and applied the Mia Mariu Mineral blush in Bonita to my cheeks. What I first noticed was how highly pigmented this blush is. And the color is fabulous! It only takes a little bit of blush to deliver rich, velvety color to your cheeks. I love the pretty soft dewy pinky-coral this color leaves on my skin. It gave my skin an instant lift and made my skin look perkier and more illuminated. I love how completely natural this color looks with my natural beige skin.

In fact, I've previously been using a very popular blush before trying this Mia Mariu blush, and I was instantly won over by the Mia Mariu. The color is so much richer and the shade looks so much more natural on my skin tone, and totally makes my skin look healthy and happy. I've happily not gone back to my other brand since using this blush. I'm completely in love with this shade and how easily and quick it is to apply, because only a little bit of color goes a long way!

Next up, I tried the eyeshadow duo in Noche de Amor. I didn't realize when I ordered this that it's a purple and pink, I thought it was more of a grey and beige, but I was actually very pleased. I normally use a lot of pink on my eyelids anyway, but I found this shade of purple to be really great at making my blue eyes pop. The color looks very natural, which I love, but also gives my eyelids just enough definition to really make my eyes stand out.

Like the mineral blush, these mineral eyeshadows are very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I love that you barely have to get any on your brush and it will cover your eye completely, saving you lots of time when doing your makeup in the morning!

I don't normally use black eye liner because I find that they can be too harsh for my eyes, but this lovely  kohl eyeliner provides just enough color without being over bearing. I found I could easily apply it lightly for less color, but if I wanted a more intense look, it was also easy to glide across the eye lid, leaving a fabulously intense black behind. I grabbed a q-tip and smudged around my eyeliner really well so I didn't have a harsh line. I love this for a more natural effect. The eyeliner also has great lasting power and doesn't smudge either, if you don't want it to! It stays put really well all day long too!

I was expecting a lip gloss since this is called the hydrating lip gloss, but it's actually in lip stick form, which I was really excited about. It is super hydrating like it says but it is easy to apply like a lip gloss but looks more like a lipstick, once on. Plus you don't get that stickiness like you would with a lip gloss.

I loved the shade I chose, beso. It's a soft pale pink, which I love on my lips.  It looks completely natural and is super soothing to the lips. I love that it felt more like I was applying a rich lip balm to my lips then a lipstick. It's not drying at all. It feels rich and creamy and smooth once on your lips and has great staying power! It absolutely won't dry your lips out either and you don't need to reapply for a long time!

Last up was the Volumizing Mascara. This mascara is enriched with Vitamin B5 to give your lashes incredible volume and length, as well as intense color. This mascara is a little different then most I've used in the past. It's really lightweight and feels like it's not going to be thick and heavy enough to get the job done, but it does! You have to apply a couple of coats but the mascara really gave my lashes great volume and length! It also doesn't clump at all! Even on the second coat! I'm a big fan of this mascara and could certainly see myself using it for years to come!

Here is my complete look using my Mia Mariu Products. Here I have on the Mineral eyeshadow duo, black intense eyeliner, and volumizing mascara.

Here is my complete look with the mineral blush and hydrating lip gloss.

And here's a close up on my hydrating lip gloss in Beso.

I've absolutely loved using these cosmetics by Mia Mariu and have been completely impressed with the products. They all have amazing stay power, the colors are so pretty and natural, and I love the pretty soft, feminine look it gives me. These cosmetics are absolutely fabulous, and incredibly high quality, and for the price, they absolutely can't be beat!

If you would like to learn more about the Mia Mariu skincare and cosmetics brand, be sure to check them out at MiaMariu.com today!

Also, the lovely ladies of Mia Mariu, are letting me GIVEAWAY the same cosmetics I got to try (in winner's colors of choice!)

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Finally a Serum with SPF! Collagenesis by Skinn SPF Review + GIVEAWAY

I'm really excited to share a new skincare product with you all, I recently got to try. Over the last few years, sunscreen has become very important to me. I know, I know, it should have always been important but truthfully it wasn't. As a teenager and woman in her 20's, I was always chasing the sun. I still do, I'm just safer about it now. In my late 20's the ugly dreaded sun spots started popping up on my face, and after that, I've become religious about applying my sunscreen daily and wearing a hat when I know I will be in the sun for awhile.

Over the last 5 years or so, being a beauty blogger, I've got to try lots and lots of different sunscreens. I've become incredibly picky because I know there are lots of sunscreens out there but while most do the job, some of them clog pores, are hard to rub in, or otherwise just feel too heavy and cakey on the skin. While I've found a few brands I love, I have only ever tried sunscreens in the form of a moisturizer. In fact, I didn't even know you could get a sunscreen in serum form until I came across the Collagenesis by Skinn Daily Defense Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Sunscreen Serum. Not only is this sunscreen in the form of a lightweight, super easy-to-rub-in serum, but you also get lots of great anti-aging benefits with it too!

When I got my SPF serum to try, I loved that it indeed feels just like a serum, instead of a heavy moisturizer. I actually found it moisturizing enough that I didn't even need a moisturizer while using this  serum over the last few weeks as well. 

The serum rubs in super easily in fact I had to double check to make sure it actually was SPF because it doesn't feel like it at all! I'll admit because it's so lightweight I was a bit worried it wouldn't give me the proper sun protection. So being that we have had a bunch of warm sunny weather here the last 2 weeks in Wyoming, I put on my Collagenesis by Skinn SPF 30 serum on my face, front and back of my neck, ears, and the back of my hands, and went outside in the sun to try it out! I took my dog for long dog walks several days, as well as did some yard work, washed the cars, and just lounged in my back yard in the sun. Not once did I get a sun burn. I spent the entire day in the sun last saturday too and actually didn't have my hat on, but my lovely SPF serum completely protected my skin perfectly (and I even forgot to reapply during the day!)

Besides wonderful sun protecting benefits, you will also get long term moisturization from this serum as well as vitamins A, C, and E to protect against free radical damage. You will also find Oat Beta-Glucan in this serum, which is known for being a powerful natural ingredient that soothes previously damaged skin while also protecting the skin from further damage.

The serum is fragrance free and safe for all skin types. I love that it's super easy to use, feels lightweight, and my skin absorbs it so quickly! That is absolutely amazing for any SPF product! 

I'm completely obsessed with the Collagenesis by Skinn SPF Serum and I know you will be too after you give it a try! For only $35, you can't go wrong!

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful SPF serum, or pick some up for yourself, then be sure to check out Skinn.com today!

Also, the lovely ladies of Skinn are letting me GIVEAWAY one of these fabulous Daily Defense anti-aging SPF Serum's to one of my lucky readers (a $35 Value!)

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College Game Day Accessories at 55% Off

Hey lovelies, I have a fabulous deal on accessories for you today! 

Get College game day colored accessories for 55% off and free shipping with the code GAMEDAY. 

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There are 5 different items on sale- a "game day" custom graphic tee, long beaded necklace, short beaded necklace, jersey infinity scarf, and knit head wrap. 

Each, excluding the shirt, comes in about 18 different two tone college colors. This is the perfect way to fashionably show you are a fan. 

All items are under $15 shipped, with some under $9 shipped!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

NeoCell Beauty Bursts Choc Chews and Keratin Hair Volumizer Supplement Review + GIVEAWAY

See How you Can Win this Hair Volumizer at the bottom of this post! 

It can be frustrating when you have thin hair or even worse, when you can't grow it out because. Luckily I've always had pretty thick hair but it always stopped growing a little past my shoulders and never got longer. That is until I started using supplements for hair growth. There are some amazing hair growth supplements out there that really do work. I'm proof, My hair is now past the middle of my back! It's never been that long in my life, but it's solely because I take a hair volumizing supplement.

I recently got to try out NeoCell's Keratin Hair Volumizer supplement.  This awesome supplement uses clinically proven ingredients that improve hair strength, enhance hair volume, and also increase shine. Just take 2 capsules a day and this all-natural, nutraceutical solution will give you longer, thicker, stronger, more lustrous, and healthy hair. 

My hair is on the dry side, and it tends to be very brittle and has a lot of damage. I also have a lot of breakage and a ton of split ends. I try to lay off the heated styling tools as much as possible but I've aways struggled with unhealthy hair. What I loved about this product is that not only does it give you thicker, longer hair, but you will notice a difference in the health of your hair. Your hair will be shinier, stronger, and much less brittle and dry.

The NeoCell Keratin hair volumizer uses proven, effective ingredients such as Cynatine HNS Solubized Keratin, Hydrolyzed Super Collagen, Amia Extract, and Vitamin C. These ingredients work together to give the hair extra strength, shine, and an overall healthier appearance.

When I got my NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer, I started taking the supplements right away. Over the last month, you can bet I've noticed a difference.

Where I first noticed a difference was hair growth. While it's hard to notice a difference in the length of your hair that soon, I noticed on my body. I had laser hair removal done a few years back but it still requires a few touch ups here and there. I recently noticed some leg hair coming in, more than normal. At first I was a bit annoyed but then I realized my Necoll hair volumizer was working. I also had a complete misfortunate eyebrow waxing incident during my NeoCell trial (don't ask) and luckily for me, it seemed to help my eyebrow grow in much quicker.

Don't worry, you're not going to get a furry Chewbaca body just in time for Halloween, but you will notice a difference in hair growth. You may just have to be a little more diligent about shaving and waxing while using this product, but trust me, the results are worth it.

After the last month, My hair has felt so much shinier, healthier, and stronger. I have a lot of hair so it's constantly coming out in gobs, especially in the shower, but I've noticed that has diminished significantly over the last month. I've also noticed there hasn't been as much breakage around my scalp or the ends of my hair.

My hair has also felt incredibly smoother and softer and I've had less tangles, which is a huge feat for me! I feel like this product is working a little miracle on my scalp and giving my hair the love and attention its always needed! 

Along with my hair volumizing supplement, I also got to try out NeoCell's Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews.

These chews contain 2000 milligrams of collagen,  designed to help rebuild and repair skin, as well as hyaluronic acid, which is an amazing moisturizing ingredient, and Vitamin C, which we all know is great for the body, and it also helps enhance collagen. 

The chews contain no gluten, soy, palm oil, or articial colors or sweeteners. I chose the fresh mint chocolate chews and absolutely loved the taste. They make a good treat as well as do some amazing things for your skin at the same time! These beauty bursts deliver high absorption of beauty nutrients that give you more youthful, radiant, and beautiful skin! These chews also make your skin and hair healthier too! 

I have loved using these chews and feel like my skin has felt softer, smoother, and looks more radiant. It has also seemed more moisturized as well. I naturally have dry skin and usually have to pile on the creams but it seems like I've not needed them as much over the last month while taking my NeoCell chews. I also have noticed my nails have been less brittle since taking the chews and Keratin Hair Volumizer supplement as well.

I've absolutely loved using these products. Just check out my skin and hair here! I'm very pleased with the results I've gotten from using these amazing products. My skin and hair overall look and feel so much healthier. I couldn't be happier! In fact, In Style Magazine has been raving about some of their products, and the Keratin Hair Volumizing supplement I tried here, just recently won the Best New Beauty and Spa Product at the NEOP Europe! It was also the Vanity Fair Beauty Blog Top Choice for beauty product!

If you would like to learn more about the NeoCell brand and try out some of their amazing supplements for yourself, be sure to check them out today at NeoCell.com. They also have topical products if you would rather try a serum or moisturizer! You can purchase their products at your nearest CVS, Walgreens, or The Vitamin Shoppe.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No More Panic When Your Phone is About to Die: Lumsing 10400mAh PowerBank Portable Charger Review

I've recently written about Lumsing and their amazing PowerBank Portable Chargers, and that's because I'm obsessed with these little life savers  (See my review on the Lumsing Portable Sleek Powerbank Here).

When I say It's a lifesaver, I completely mean it. How many of us feel completely naked or even anxious and stressed when we realize we've left our phone at home or we look down to see that we only have enough charge to last for about ten more minutes?

I've unfortunately put myself in this situation one too many times, and it feels like an extension of me is missing. I really do feel my heart beat faster, my body tense up, and my stress level rise as soon as I realize my phone is about to die and I'm no where near my charger or an outlet! 

It's insane to think that we've become a generation so obsessed with our phones that it really puts a lot of us into instant stress mode when we realize we may not be able to use if it we need it! But that's just the way our lifestyles have become, at least for most of us. With smart phone capabilities, we are able to do EVERYTHING from our phone now, so when the battery is about to die, it really does put a lot of us into an instant panic!

Well like any good preparedness plan, why is battery back up not at the very top of most of our lists yet? I know it hasn't been for me, mainly because I didn't even know battery backups existed, but they do! Now that I know this, I keep my Lumsing portable charger charged and with me at all times. This way, if I notice my phone is almost dead, I just plug my Lumsing into it, and ta da! My phone is charged and ready to use!

I recently got to try the 10400mAh Portable Charger from Lumsing (shown here). And have absolutely loved it! It is super easy to use, light weight and portable, not to mention it looks fabulous too, and most importantly, it puts your mind at complete ease! Keep it charged, then when you need it, you just plug it into your smart phone, tablet, or mp3 player, and you will get instant charging! 

I used it on my iPod as soon as I got it, just because I hadn't tried that out with my Lumsing yet. It charged it in full within a couple of hours, and my Lumsing still had enough juice to charge up my iPhone and tablet as well. 

With this awesome device, you can usually charge 4-5 devices with it in a single charge. (You can get more charges out of a smart phone, but for bigger devices like a tablet, you will be able to get about 2 charges out of this). You just plug your Lumsing in and let it charge for most of the day. Take it with you, and you will be able to charge 4 or 5 of your devices on the go, when your phone or tablet battery is about to die.

Once your Lumsing runs out of juice, just charge it again, and then it's ready to go once again for when any of your devices need to be recharged.

Also what is really impressive, is that you can get over 500 charges from your Lumsing over the life of it's battery! That is absolutely amazing to me! It also comes with this nice carrying case to keep it safe and clean, and keeps your cord with it, so you have it when you need to charge your phone.

If you would like to learn more about the Lumsing 10400mah PowerBank portable charger, or pick one up for yourself, then be sure to check them out HERE on Amazon. Regularly $59, you can pick it up right now on SALE for only $19! 

ALSO, right now you can win this Lumsing Powerbank for yourself! Like them on Facebook, follow Lumsing on Twitter,  and enter their GIVEAWAY HERE.

* I was given this product for review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

A Much Easier Way to Detox the Body and Rid Yourself of those Nasty Toxins!

Although I mainly write about fashion and beauty, I'm hugely passionate about health and fitness, and have been for over a decade. I believe that diet and exercise is important, but there are things we can do to help aid weight loss as well.

I have always been very against diet pills and I don't ever buy into new fad diets. I never have. I have just educated myself on eating healthy, as well as cutting out animal products out of my diet. I did this mostly from a humane perspective, but also because when I read more into it, I found that a plant based diet is actually so much healthier AND you can still get plenty of protein without eating meat, contrary to popular belief.

Upon changing my diet up about 4 years ago, by cutting out meat, I have become more open to weight loss aids. I've found there are great supplements out there that can aid in weight loss. I've also only recently started learning more about detoxes.

When I first heard about food detoxes, I was beyond skeptical. To me it was silly. As soon as you go back to normal food a week later, you will put that weight back on. duh! But what I didn't realize is that the detox helps you lose some weight sure, but it's done to help cleanse the body. Believe it or not, it really does serve the body a good purpose.

As I started researching more into detoxes just this last year, I found notable and credible documentaries, articles, and books on how the body actually does need a good detox every so often. The reason is, our American diets are horrible. Most of us eat a TON of processed foods and are even regulars at fast food joints.These foods are so unhealthy. We already knew that, but what I didn't realize, is that they contain a lot of toxins (especially processed foods) that build up in our systems for years and years, and its wreaking havoc on our bodies and making it so we are completely unable to shed those last 10 pounds, no matter what we do!

With this information in mind, I decided it was time to try a detox. I did my first one this May, and what I found was astonishing, I lost about 6 pounds in one week, sure (I have gained it back, because I was already at my ideal weight) but my body felt so much better, I had so much more energy. And the biggest difference I noticed, sorry I have to take it here, but I was much more regular. I've always struggled with this my whole life and in one week, the difference was amazing. I realized that my body must have really needed a detox!

Detoxes can be hard to endure for a whole week. It's hard to deprive the body of most foods, and some detoxes require only juices or smoothies. I actually did eat some whole foods in mine, but the meal plan was very strict. I've been meaning to do another one but it's hard to get motivated to do one.

This is wear TruSol Colon Detox comes into play. For those of us who really struggle with a food detox, because lets face it, it's really hard to do! This is a great alternative that can provide your body with the same benefits.

I got to try out this product for a week and I was surprised to see that I received some of the very benefits from using this product as I did while going through a 7 day food detox. I had more energy, my body felt better, and just like the name, my colon was getting a good cleansing! I was much more regular once again (Again, sorry!)

Like a food detox, TruSol Colon Detox should only be used for a week at a time, but you WILL notice some health benefits from using it. I felt better. I was also more motivated to eat a little better too during the week since I knew this supplement was working hard to give my body a good cleanse, I didn't want to weigh it down any more than I had already.

Stuff builds up in our bodies all the time! Unhealthy food is continually adding some nasty toxins that sit in the digestive tract and these toxins build up and sit there for years! It's important to be giving our body a good cleanse to keep it running smoothly and feeling it's very best.

If you find it hard to do a food cleanse for a week, then this is the product for you! You will get the same benefits without having to have the motivation to extremely restrict your diet for a whole week. Your body will be healthier and you may very well lose some weight in the process as your body rids itself of those toxins that have built a home in your body!

If you would like to learn more about  TruSol Colon Detox, you can find and purchase them on Amazon. Get a 60 capsule bottle for only $18! Also be sure to check out other customers reviews while you are there, and see what everyone else is saying about this amazing product too!

Happy Cleansing!

*I was given this product from TruSol and Tomoson.com for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.