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LOTS of Fabulous, Inexpensive Winter Coats? Yes Please!

The weather is cooling by the day, and it's no doubt got me thinking about the perfect coat for this winter. While my emails are pouring in with chic, trendy coats, I need something super affordable but sure to keep me warm too! I also can't just wear one coat through the whole winter, It's just not who I am. I need a variety, after all, any fashionista knows there is never one coat that goes with all of your outfits!

What? What about black, right? Well not exactly. Sure black goes with lots of other colors. Actually because it's a neutral, it really goes with any other color on the planet. Yes, even navy and brown. Contrary to the myth in fashion that these colors do not go together at all, they actually do. You can find lots of great examples out there on some of your favorite celebrities.

Although color is usually easy to match to anything (if you stay in the neutrals) length and style is not. Ah hah! Yep, you need different styles to go with different outfits. For example, some of you may not know that when wearing a dress or skirt, your coat needs to actually be longer (unless you're wearing a maxi dress or ball gown, where you can wear a shorter coat that cuts you off at the hips).

Also, while sometimes you can mix up the casual and formal and it will look great, like a denim jacket with a chic dress for a night out, sometimes and depending on the occasion, you need to match your coat or jacket to your outfit. For example, the trench coat while classic and great with nearly everything including jeans and a dress, will not look so great with on-trend pajama pants, or harem pants. For this style, go with a cute blazer instead.

Well now you can certainly see how you need a few different styles of outerwear for any fall/winter wardrobe. While there might be a few of us who can splurge on lots of styles at whatever price, most of us are on a budget, especially with the holidays coming soon, and holiday shopping in our near future!

If you want to update your wardrobe this winter with lots of fabulous styles you can wear with all the beautiful cold-weater clothes in your closet, but don't want to spend a fortune, then Tidebuy is the place to shop my dears!

You can get a huge variety of jackets and coats, most for only around $20-$50 each! In fact the collage above is compiled with my favorite jackets and coats from Tidebuy! They have a huge variety to choose from, so there truly is something for everyone!

I've personally got my eye on the cute white puffer coat with faux fur trim for a more casual look, the yellow coat with faux fur for a more dressed up look, and a beautiful blue trench to go with most of my fall/winter clothing!

You can also find trendy capes, bedazzled denim jackets and more from Tidebuy! They truly have every piece of outerwear you need this winter to keep your wardrobe fresh, on-trend, and WARM! Be sure to check out today! Don't forget to check out their other fabulous fashion, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and more while you're there!

Happy Shopping!

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Christmas Presents Early This Year

As far as holidays go, Christmas is typically the most stressful and busiest time of the year. Whilst most of us definitely look forward to celebrations, relax and family time, the pressure of the expenses combined with the hassle of last minute shopping always takes its toll. After a week or two into December, it’s not uncommon for people to turn into the Christmas Grinch tearing your hair out because you can’t stand the thought of Christmas shopping anymore! We’ve all been there.

With the silly season just around the corner, there are no doubt a small handful of people that are truly prepared. They started their Christmas shopping in early January and they won’t be going anywhere near the shops come December. For the rest of us last minute crew, we’ll be tackling the queues in only two months’ time.  The good news is though – there’s still some time to get organised! When it comes to Christmas shopping – it’s never too early!

1. Santa Savings

It’s easier said than done though. Every year we promise ourselves we will be more organised. Until you actually start seeing the benefits early Christmas shopping has firsthand however, it can be a hard to motivate yourself to get it done earlier. 

One of the biggest advantages early Christmas shopping has is the savings – and there’s not one of us out there that likes a good deal! Major retail shops are clued on, and it’s not uncommon for prices to be jacked up come holiday season. By doing your Christmas present shopping throughout the year, you can contribute more of your money to the entertaining and holiday side of things come December.

Boxing Day sales are notorious for great present finds so take advantage of this for next year’s Christmas presents too. If you want to make a difference on your savings now, starting your spending early will give you the chance to shop around and save money. Instead of trying to squeeze all your present shopping last minute at the same store,you now have a good two months to take your time or order online for a better deal. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it!?

2. Organised Elves

With savings and early present preparation comes a good deal of organisation skills. Even if being (or staying) organised is not your forte, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to apply it to your Christmas shopping skills. By being organised, you give yourself enough time to find the right present for that special person.

Christmas organisation eliminates the stress that comes with the silly season to leave more time enjoying the holiday month. When combating stress, time is your greatest friend and it’s been proven that stressed out shoppers spend more money.

If you’ve already discovered the ease of online shopping, then you’ll understand the benefits it involves. If you’re new to it – check out everything you need to know here. Trying to find the perfect gift days before Christmas normally leads to you buying something way out of budget, but if you want to eliminate expenses and the hassle of the queues then Christmas shopping online is simply bliss. The downfall? You have to be organised to do it! Whether it’s for food and drinks to help with the entertaining side of things, or present shopping for everyone - you can order and pay for your Christmas in advance.

3. The Ideas Man

Finding the right gift for people can be hard – regardless of your budget. The greatest advantage of being organised for Christmas sooner rather than later is it gives you the opportunity to come up with more than one idea for a gift. Most times when you leave present shopping until the last minute, you’re not just stuck with overspending but something you weren’t that keen on buying in the first place.

Give yourself a chance to shop around for the right gift and allocate a spending limit to each person. If you’re really stuck on ideas, allow the time to wander through shops and find something that could suit. Then, jump online and see if the same product can be found cheaper. If nothing springs to mind, Christmas hampers can make the perfect gift with a mix of food, drinks or creative hobby ideas.

4. Prancer Pay Ahead

For many people, putting Christmas presents on layby can be an absolute lifesaver – especially for the bigger gifts. An exceptionally good one for families, allowing time to incorporate laybys into your Christmas shopping can help to take the stress off.

Regardless of whether you start your Christmas shopping in January or now, your first step should be to allocate a budget for each person. Once you have a total figure in mind, work in putting a small amount of your pay aside each time into a separate Christmas account. During the months in the lead-up to Christmas, you can keep your eyes open for a gift for everyone on your list. Once you’ve found something – dig into your savings or put the item on layby to pay off in time. Don’t turn into someone who hates Christmas shopping, start organising today and earn that much needed and valuable relax time later.

Author Bio

Corina Mentink is Director of, a leading online provider of Hampers, Balloons and Gift delivery in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Hilarious Read for Anyone Who Has Ever Had a Bad Date: Coffee Dates from Hell by Jim Tibberry

I love a good book that makes me laugh, especially when it can make me laugh over and over. These books can be rare, but when I come across one that really gets me rolling on the floor laughing, you can bet I'll be picking it up time and time again, as well as picking up a copy for all my friends!

I recently came across the lighthearted, gut busting "Coffee Dates from Hell" by Jim Tilberry, and I was instantly in love. 

I knew I would love this book thanks to the catchy title, and who can't relate to a few bad dates? I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but on this book, I totally did. I knew it would be a good read, and it certainly did not disappoint!

As you can imagine from the title of this book, you are probably going to hear some pretty outrageous dating stories. I loved flipping through the short stories and reading some of the hilarious antics of these daters. Some of the truly "insane" people in some of these dating stores were all to familiar, like the 40 year old guy who lives with his parents, and the know-it-all who won't even let you get a word in, because he's too busy telling you how important he is.

While some stories will have you remembering some of those god-awful dates from your past, some are just plain outrageous and will have you roaring with laughter! Take a date with the Big Man himself, JC. (I know it sounds like this could be a story that will have you totally hating the author if you have any kind of religious or spiritual notions about you, but the date is innocent, and had me roaring with laughter, especially the last few paragraphs.) 

I love that the author brings in celebrities from history and gives you a sneak peek into what a date with them might have been like. For example, the date with Harry Houdini. I laughed so hard thinking of possibly how annoying dating a magician could really be if he couldn't step away from it for two seconds on a date to really get to know the person sitting in front of him.

Along with great Coffee Dates from Hell Stories, this fabulous read also contains some hilarious senior citizen dating diaries, which thanks to the short date with the lady who certainly has a bad case of dementia going on, has me hoping I won't be single in my 60s or beyond.

The author also brings in some very sad, but true and super ridiculously funny huge failure attempts and creating a successful coffee shop business. Let's just say from what I read, it's probably best to not bring any animals into your coffee shop business any time soon. I thought pigs, chickens, and monkeys would be so cool to hang out with while drinking your coffee. And I absolutely loved the idea of drinking my coffee with animals, that is until it becomes not so fun, and while you're sitting their enjoying your hot cup of java, you end up getting poo thrown at your head by one of the disgruntled monkeys. True Story! And Yes, that really happened here in the US, and not that long ago! Bet that's got you interested in picking up this book to find out the rest now, doesn't it?!

The author also offers great sane, sound, and totally funny advice for things not to do on a first coffee date, how to get out of a horrible date, and ten things you probably shouldn't wear on your coffee date either.

I absolutely loved reading this book and loved that it gave me such a good laugh. The stories are short so this is a great book to pick up and read through when you need a quick pick-me-up after a long day at work. I particularly love good coffee table books your guests can pick up and thumb through. This is the perfect book for that. The short stories are easy and quick to read through and will have them laughing in no time. If like me, you have a husband who likes to take his time in the bathroom, this is a great book to store in there for some quick, totally laugh-worthy reading too!

Anyone who has ever been on a bad date or two (and who hasn't!) can totally identify with this book. It made me laugh hysterically, remembering some of my own horrible dates (which were not so hilarious at the time but are totally laugh-worthy now) as well as has me hoping that I will not be single and dating any time soon!

If you would like to pick up this wonderful laugh out loud read for yourself, you can shop "Coffee Dates From Hell" by Jim Tilberry, on Amazon for only $9.95 for paperback, or only $3.99 for the ebook! With the holidays coming up, this is a great book for anyone on your list who has dated in the last ten years, or really just anyone who can just appreciate a good laugh.

Happy Reading!

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Dr Marder Relief Shampoo and Conditioner Review + GIVEAWAY

Living in a naturally dry climate doesn't help my already dry skin. I have always had super dry skin ever since I can remember, as well as dry hair, dry lips, you name it. I constantly apply lotion and lip balm, but where I struggle the most is with my hair. I've tried lots of moisturizing hair products too but a  lot of them just don't quite cut the bill. Sometimes I will luck out and find a product that leaves my locks looking healthier and shinier, but forget about the scalp! I have struggled for years to find a product that would moisturize my scalp as well and get rid of the itching and flaking for good!

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While I don't commonly suffer from dandruff, I do get the itchy dry scalp, because it is always so dry. I've tried dandruff shampoos in hopes that they would help moisturize my scalp and relieve the dry, itchiness, but have unfortunately ound that many of them are simply too harsh. And on top of that forget about it making the rest of my hair look good. It usually ends up looking even drier and frizzier than before!

Well that is until I recently came across Dr Marder's line of shampoo and conditioner, dedicated to stopping the dry scalp, the horrible itching, and the even worse, flaking! 

When I got this shampoo and conditioner, I figured I would get the same results I've gotten from previous anti-dandruff shampoos. My scalp might get some relief, but the rest of my hair would end up looking worse than before. After my first wash with my new Dr Marder Shampoo, I was completely shocked. Not only did it give my scalp some much needed relief (and I experienced no flaking and I wore LOTS of black during the last few weeks to really test it out) but my hair actually felt noticeably softer! Much softer than even regular shampoos that are designed for softening hair would do! I would run my fingers through my hair and couldn't believe how much softer it felt in my hands. Not only that, but my hair seemed more manageable the last few weeks and looked a bit heather and shinier too! 

I've been absolutely pleased with the Dr Marder line of hair care for relieving dry, itchy, flaking scalps. The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free and safe for all hair types, even those who have extremely dull, unhealthy hair like I do. it also has a nice natural fragrance, unlike a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos on the market. While using this product, you can also expect the prevention of future dandruff outbreaks, as well as new hair growth!

The Dr Marder Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner uses a soothing botanical complex to really help heal and soothe the scalp. You will also find Hydrocortisone in this hair care line, which is the newest, hot ingredient on the anti-dandruff market, because it works! it addresses the key areas of dandruff to stop the symptoms as well as stop the outbreaks! In fact, Dr Marder's line of hair care is the first to use Hydrocortisone for treating dandruff!

This wonderful shampoo and conditioner set is also safe to use everyday and can also be used on colored and treated hair!

I'm absolutely (beautiful and healthy) head over heels for this amazing line of hair care from Dr Marder Skincare. I'm completely obsessed with the results it gives me as well as how soft it has made my hair. I feel like I'm not only doing my scalp a huge favor by using these amazing products, but my hair is absolutely loving it too!

If you would like to learn more about the Dr Marder line of hair care products for dandruff relief, check them out today at

Happy Healing!

Also, the lovely people of Dr Marder Skincare, are letting me giveaway this same set of Total Relief Shampoo and Conditioner (a $60 Value) to one of my lucky US readers!

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Get Your Holiday Look and Decor - All at an Amazing Price!

It's nearly Halloween, which means Christmas is right around the corner! I like to get an early head start on my holiday shopping, and being a fashionista, you can bet I'm already shopping for some great party holiday outfits, warm-weather clothing, and some chic sparkly accessories!

Tidebuy has an amazing Christmas Sale going on now! You can find great deals right now on that perfect holiday party dress, warm fabulous coat, and well as lots of cute cozy sweaters, warm boots, and sexy christmas inspired intimates. You can even find lots of fun holiday bedding sets from Tidebuy too for both adults and children!

I'm personally on the lookout for a great christmas party dress. No holiday party is complete without a fun, chic, yet holiday-inspired look. I love dresses that sparkle this time of year, but I'm also loving a simple red dress dazzled up with a glamourous clutch and heels from Tidebuy. You can get a complete head to toe holiday look from Tidebuy, including the coat! 

If you haven't shopped Tidebuy before, you will be absolutely amazed with how far your money will go! You may have budgeted $75 for a new holiday dress this season, but you will be thrilled to learn you can buy a bag, dress AND jewelry for that from Tidebuy! 

So what are you waiting for lovelies? Shop the Tidebuy Christmas Sale today and start saving on that perfect holiday look, warm winter clothing, and holiday decor today!

Happy Shopping!

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