Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair and Makeup Tips

Before & After

One of my best hair tips I just recently learned: Wash your hair before bed, put in a high bun, and in the morning, wake to pretty waves! This works amazingly for me and couldn't be easier to do. I just run some shine spray through and a little hair spray and I'm good to go.

I love straight hair and I use Big Sexy Hair root boost and it works miracles for me. It gives me a lot of volume.

For makeup, I use Temptu's airbrushing system. It goes on so nicely and matches my skin perfectly. I love that it still looks sheer and lets my freckles show through.

I use baby pink eyeshadow because it makes me blue eyes look a really pretty blue-green, my fav color.

One of the best tips I learned from Carmindy of "What not to wear" is to put irridescent shadow in the corners of your eyes and under your brow bones to brighten up your eyes, I always do this and feel like it brings the focus to my eyes.

I wear blush a little above my cheekbones to make my cheekbones look a little more defined and sharper.

I also dot clear lip gloss on the center of my lips to make them appear fuller and use highlighter above my upper lip right in the center to also help my lips appear fuller.

I recently got Revitalash and have been using it for the last 6 months and can't believe how much my eyelashes have grown from it! I always use an eyelash curler and start half way out and face the curler up, then slide it out a bit, curl some more, then slide out to the end and curl, all while facing the eye lash curler up. I've noticed this gives me the best curl.

At night I will dot black eyeliner between my eyelashes to make them appear fuller and thicker and I like to do a bit of a cat eye to make my small eyes seem bigger. During the day I stick to white or silver eyeliner. I find this is most effective for making my eyes seem bigger.


  1. Wear mineral composition or a powder compact. Liquid foundation, is often difficult to integrate into, you can streaky. For curly hair try parting your hair on the side, and then placed in a pony tail, tuck your hair has some pull out some of the rubber band, of course, treat your hair wet moose.

  2. I read different beauty blogs every day and read something new. You have really posted very good content for beauty and make up tips. Thanks for sharing it and keep it Up.

  3. Thank you Alpesh and thank you so much for checking out my blog! :)