Sunday, February 17, 2013


Congrats to some of my Recent Winners!

See your name here? Look for an email from me with more details on how to claim your prize, or contact me at All prizes will be mailed via USPS within 1-2 weeks.

**If you are winner in one of my Giveaways with other bloggers, you will be contacted by the host and prizes will be mailed by him/her at his/her discretion.

Sunergetic 50% OFF Coupon Winners: Alesha D., Diane C., Alcina L., and Sacha S.

$20 Coco Jewelry Gift Card Winner: Gaia C.

$50 CiChic Fashion Gift Card Giveaway: Kremer R.

BlackFive Vegan Handbag Winner: Jackie L

Monogrammed Jewelry from PinkLily: Natalie Y.

Black Lace Shorts Winner: Helena B.

Crochet Cardigan Winner: Eurethal A.

California Naturel Skincare Winners: Darby M., Dana M., and Robyn D.

$25 For Black Frames and Lenses from Firmoo: Ashley P.,  Mai T., Joy N., Darby M., and Natalie B.

Vegan Leather Tidebuy Handbag Winner: Augustin C.

Willamy Collection Leather Wrap Bracelet: Dana L.

Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum Winner: Cindy B

Nautical Wallet Winner: Holly C.

Diva D'or Derma Roller Winners:  Kelly O., Ashley P., Kasey, Maureen K., and Courtney B.

Garcinia Cambogia Winners: Ashley P., Andrea H., and Christy D.

Little Black Dress Winner: Angela P.

Cosmetics Gift Set Winner: Soha M.

$25 in Art to Artiloo Perihan I.,  Dawn K., and Ashley P.

Chic Paisley Romper from Romwe: Alexey P.

Belitae Vitamin C Skin Serum: Joy N.

$25 for Round Glasses to Firmoo: Ali G., Jessamer A., Donna Q., Jastene G., and Joy N.

Chic Makeup Organizers Winner: Gabrielle O.

Vegan Leather Handbag Winner: April C.

Activewear Winner: Hina M.

Win Some Gorgeous Fashion of Choice from DressLily: Ashley P.

Chamberlains leather shoe and bag cleaner: Cheryl R.

Reserveage Collagen Supplements: Diane E.

Silk Romper Winner: Sarah S.

Rimmel London Makeup Winner: Laurel C.

$30 to Firmoo for some new Glasses: Calaeb T., Sweta S., Laurey G., Diane E., and Edmond L.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Winner: Miriam N

$30 to Firmoo for Glasses: Carmela C., Christy D., Cassie V., Jasmine P., Anat P.

Morganna's Alchemy Elixir Night Cream: Colleen B., Megaan C., Lisa B.

Ahai Fashion Top Winner: Kehrin M.

Harvey Prince Temptress Perfume Winners: Deb S., Brandi D., Robin W., Hilary A., Sharon R.

Nicole Lee Handbag winner:  Piroska B

$20 Majestical Jewelry Winner: Samantha C.

Firmoo $30 Glasses Winners: Samantha C., Maria F., Robin A., Jennifer B., and Beppe D.

Collagen Replenish Beauty Drink Supplement: Kelsi M

Habibe Unisex Sunglasses: Samantha C

Romwe Crochet Black Lace Top: Yen M

Our World Boutique $50 Gift Card Winner: Kay S

CellCeuticals Serum Winner: Ashley P

OPI Nail Polish Winners: Melissa C and Karen

$50 FrangranceNet Gift Card: Laura L

Coco Made me Do It Tshirt: Isis L

Britenz Teeth Whitening Winner: Lily K

Mad Hippie Serum Winner: Sharon B

$50 to Midnight Velvet Fashion: Blythe J

Chic Aztec Print Cardigan from Romwe: Edward G

ReVitalize Super Antioxidants Food Drink:  Yen M.

Heart Printed Blouse: Tiana B

Khaki Canvas Koolerton Camera Bag: Yoshimi L

$50 To Rack and Sack Accessories: Colleen B., Flavia A., Evgeniya R., Irina D., and Divya A.

Treviso Floral Print Handbag: Donna Q

Swyt Ballet Flats: Andi

MyeSoul $20 Valentines Day Lingerie Winner: Robin A.

Firmoo Glasses Winners: Xara R., Surendene J., Priyanka B., Mary J. and Ria A.

Insta Natural Argan Oil Winner: Joy N

Habe Naturals Acne Kit Winner: Adriana G

Romwe Valentines Day Dress Winner: Sherry A.

Mia Mariu Fragrance of choice: Diana S. 

Simply 7 Hummus chips Giveaway: Tee W.

HoneyCat Shower Gel Winners: Tanya H, Tugce K, Tiana B,  Jens L, Vicki V, and Megha S.

Turquoise Cocktail Ring by Inbal Mishan: April C

$75 HeadCoverings Grab Bag Winner: Tanya H

$30 DressSale Winners: Tanja and Susana S

$50 Gift Card to Hande Made It Jewelry: Cogito E.

Evologie Skincare winner: Tanya H

BreakPal Fitness Premium Membership: Oxana Z.

$100 Jolly chic Fashion Shopping Spree: Say Y

Romwe Fashion $30 Winners: Glam Gal and Raquel L.

Oasap Winners: Vania V and Erin S

Almondina Cookies Gift Basket: Lilly C

Blue Nile $50 Gift Card: Divya A

 Edimi and Michael Todd Organics $300 Skincare Giveaway: Wanda M

Aurora de Julis Skincare Giveaway: Alexia A

Posh Play Chocolate Clutch and Diaper Mat: Mariaelena D 

Michael Todd Organics Skincare Winner: Joy N

Gift Card to Oasap Fashion: Cora G and Black Asphodel

Dress Winners from Romwe:  Francesca F. and Haris H

Handbag of Choice: Trish F.

Delezhen Gold and Amethyst Ring: Sania W 

Knit Krimson Klover Sweater: Mary Beth E

Anatomie Jacket from Nimli: Deb S. Vedette Shapewear Winners - Sept 25: Em M, Ashwini P., and Viki F.

6 Mos of Online Fitness from Workouts on Demand: Holly O
Eternal Girl Necklace of Choice: Candy S

Green Sequin Hot Pants: Eg K.

Skin Naturals Skincare: Say Y.

Silkn Flash & Go Hair Removal System: Rebecca S.

Toms of Maine Natural Products Winner: Jemima P

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Samantha T., Julie W., and Lubka K.

Certain Dri Antiperspirant: Danielle F

$25 Chinese Laundry Gift Card: Yenny Sweeps

Cleavitz Half Top: Julie W.

Vedette Mystery Shape Wear WinnersTina K., Suzana Z., and Joy N.

MyFitU- 1 year Membership: Tee K.

Jewlr Heart Pendant Necklace: Annie P

Studded Metallic Shorts: Vola C

Dirty Shirty Tee and Hat: Stephanie G

Pedi Protexx- no more smudged pedi's Winner: Melissa T.

Pink Papaya Bikini duo and Toe Tini Pedi Kit ($60 Value)Winner: Chelsea S.

Mia Mariu Anti-aging skincare package ($87 Value) Winner: Soha M.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Christina B., Ana M., and Beppe DM!

Silver Linings Shoe Liners Winners: Blessie N.

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  1. I like that you have a whole page dedicated to your winners so that we can see if we won or not.

    1. Thanks so much Kim and thank you for your comment! xox