Monday, May 13, 2013

Pink Papaya Body, Skincare, and Foot Care Review + GIVEAWAY!

Flip Flop season is finally here, and if you're like me, that means dried out, cracked heels, in major need of a pedi! That's why I was so excited when I received my awesome Pink Papaya bath and body products, which included this fabulous pedi kit! 

Along with the perfect supplies for a fabulous pedicure, I got a fabulous body wash, ayate cloth, brown sugar lip scrub, lotion candle, sweet suger body scrub, creamy body butter, and a pretty lip gloss!

If you haven't heard of PINK PAPAYA yet, you are seriously missing out! This lovely body care line is natural and created with only the highest quality ingredients! You get serious moisturization and some serious scent! A little goes a long way, so these products will last a long time too! Pink Papaya is also paraben-free and they DO NOT test on animals, which both are super important to me!

 I dug into my goodies immediately and couldn't wait to try them out, especially the Toe Tini Travel Pedi kit because my feet are already feeling pretty dry and rough!

What I noticed immediately, was the intense moisturization these pedi products gave me! Even the Blackberry Fig Foot Scrub (pictured below) felt so moisturizing I almost wondered if I even needed the foot cream! The Toe Tini kit also comes with a White Lilly & Sage Refreshing Foot Spritz, which I loved using regularly before getting into bed at night, because its not heavy like a foot cream.  The spritz It is the perfect amount of moisturization for keeping my feet soft and smooth and the scent is to die for!

I also really enjoyed using the Sugar Cane & Honey Deep Moisture Pedi Balm. Its super easy to use, and leaves your feet feeling smooth and soft. I loved using this regularly as well as my foot spritz to maintain the softness of my feet.

kit was everything I hoped it would be! The scents are AMAZING, and the products all work wonderfully together to create the perfect, I just got a professional pedi,  feel and look! My feet feel fabulous and I know my Pink Papaya Toe Tini kit will keep my feet looking and feeling like I've just had a fresh pedicure, all summer long!

I loved using all of my bath time Pink Papaya products! The Sweet Sugar body scrub was an amazing scrub! The scent is so lovely and the scrub felt wonderful on my skin. The thing I noticed the most was how smooth and soft, and how well moisturized my skin felt afterwards! The Pink Papaya scrubs are loaded with oils to keep your skin feeling super smooth! Again, I wondered If I would even need the body butter after my shower, because my skin felt intensely moisturized just from the body scrub!

The Creamy body butter was also amazing and it is also super rich and creamy! I got to try several different scents and they were all sooooo amazing! I am completely obsessed with the wonderful scents from Pink Papaya! They have so many too choose from! The Tangerine Tango is my favorite. I feel like I've just been whisked away to a tropical island when I put it on! 

Lastly but certainly not least was the brown sugar lip scrub. It tasted so yummy and felt nice on my lips. Not too rough but enough to do the job. My lips felt softer and smoother immediately and I also loved that it left my lips feeling like I had just applied lip balm, not a scrub! I also noticed right away how a little goes a long way! It only took a tiny little bit of this lip scrub to get the job done!

Pink Papaya also has a fabulous selection of natural cosmetics! I loved this pretty Super Gloss Lip Gloss I got in Strawberry. It feels great on my lips and isn't thick or super sticky! I love how natural it looks and I feel like I'm already seriously

addicted to this fabulous lip gloss!

As you can see I got to try a huge selection of Pink Papaya and have been absolutely impressed with all of the products I tried! I have tried many different bath and body products over the years, but Pink Papaya tops the list! I am seriously OBSESSED With this line! All of the products smell sooo amazing! I'm talking some of the best scents I've ever smelled in bath and body products! The scrubs were all absolutely to die for! They are not harsh at all but are so loaded with rich oils that my skin felt so luxurious after using! In fact, I've currently been using a really expensive $50 body scrub and thought it couldn't be beat because of how moisturizing it is, but Pink Papaya totally topped it and it costs only a fraction of the price!

I know you will love Pink Papaya as much as I do and I'm so excited to share a GIVEAWAY with you! The lovely Jennifer of Pink Papaya is letting me giveaway the Toe Tini Travel Pedi Kit AND the Bikini Duo (a Pineapple Paradise Shave Cream and Bikini Scrub) -A $60 Value!

To learn more about these fabulous products, please visit And to place your order, please contact Jennifer at

Be sure to ENTER TO WIN in the rafflecopter form below! Good Luck Lovelies! xoxo 

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