Monday, May 13, 2013

Vedette Joanne Butt Enhancing Shape Wear Review

I've tried a lot of shapwear in the past and I have loved all of my beautiful pieces from Vedette, but I have a new favorite and by these pictures, you will see why!

This Butt enhancing shapewear is absolutely amazing! I've been dying to try it for months and was so excited when my Joanne High-Waisted open bottom Shapewear finally arrived from Vedette! It looks super funny, and I'll be honest, I was totally skeptical. I had seen some of the shapewear that had butt pads but never open bottom, and I thought to myself, how could this possible work? Well take a look for yourself! Here is my Before picture (and a close up) and my after picture (and a close up) Check it out!


 BEFORE (Close up):


AFTER (Close Up):

Holy moly! Flat Pancake butt be gone! Pretty amazing right?! I put it on and had my husband take the photo and when I walked out of the bedroom, I asked him, can you tell the difference? His eyes got all wide and he got the biggest smile, and said, "Yes, I sure can!" 

Yeah, I don't think I will be going anywhere ever again without my Joanne Butt Enhancing Shapewear by Vedette! I can not believe the difference! 

Here is a picture of the shape wear. It looks funny for sure but as you can see from my pictures, It really lifts your butt and makes it look much rounder and fuller! 

Here is a picture of my Joanne shape wear in black. 

 The Joanne Butt Enhancer from the Front 

 The Joanne Butt Enhancer from the Back:

Now I know you're dying to get some for yourself?! Who wouldn't want this, unless you are already naturally gifted like J-Lo or Kim Kardashian!

Check it out today at  You can pick up the Joanne in Black or nude on sale right now for just $50!


  1. Holy mother of shape wear! :O
    This is quality stuff! I'm sceptical as to how comfortable is this (especially for sitting), but it still does a pretty good job :D

  2. This looks great. It is nice to know that it just enhances what you have instead of using pads.

  3. Honestly, I don't need this since I have a nice butt already. But this one your using is awesome cool. Comparing the one BEFORE and AFTER photo above it really help shape your butt in a nice way.

  4. Very cool!! I love this idea! I will have to check it out!!!

  5. ok that picture is just funny! Doesn't look at all comfortable. BUT you are right and the before and after pictures show a difference

  6. Is this comfortable? I mean, you look fab - but I'm worried about squishing my tush! ;)

  7. It looks uncomfortable but I know things have fooled me before. I need it cause I have no butt lol.

  8. For those of you wondering, it actually is comfortable and fine to sit in! Its not squishing anything just lifting the bottom of your but, so yeah it feels like shapewear, but nothing uncomfortable!

    Thanks so much for all your comment and support everyone! xo xo

  9. haha cool! I have no butt- the only time i was super curvy was when I was pregnant. I don't think a nice butt is our genetics. lol.

  10. this butt enhancer looks so great!!

  11. Thanks so much for the comments and for supporting my blog! xo xo